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LaserHealth Solutions: Patient Reviews

By sharing the success stories of many of our patients, you can learn more about how Bioflex laser care has helped them and can help you too. Email us or contact our office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,

The LaserHealth Solutions Team

“It’s A Miracle”

I’ve had severe pain in the lower spine area for years and thought that was the way the rest of my life would be. Until I came Laser Health Solutions. My life has changed completely. It’s a miracle. I am happy again and have a reason to again enjoy life. I tried spinal decompression which was very expensive and did not show improvement to me. After 5 of 10 visits to Laser Health Solutions I had already noticed the pain was not there. I can again run, jog, sit the way I want, stand with no more numbness and pain down the right leg. A completely new me. Truly this has worked for me. It will work for you.

– Steve

“Laser was the most effective.”

I came in for treatment with nerve pain shooting down my leg. I was from an inflamed disc in my spine. The chiropractor initiated exam was thorough and within the prescribed ten treatments the pain was virtually gone. I was very impressed because I had been fighting this for several months before coming here. Laser was the most effective.

– Paul

“My pain grew worse…until Laser Therapy!”

In 1984 I injured my left elbow in an industrial accident and developed arthritis in it. I also had scar tissue and tissue damage. Over the last eight to ten years the pain grew steadily worse until I was no longer able to work I had severe joint pain, pinching, spasms and shaking with any movement of my left arm…I spent the last year plus looking for a solution for the pain that now kept me awake all night most nights. Then I saw an ad in the local paper that said STOP PAIN WITH LASER THERAPY. I was at the point I was willing to try anything so I called LaserHealth Solutions and made an appointment and I still smile every time I think of that day. After just a couple of treatments I noticed a reduction in the pain levels and also an increase in motion of my left arm. After ten treatments I was almost pain free and had good movement without pinching spasms or shaking. Thank you LaserHealth for giving me my life back.

– James

“I was back to my regular dancing, pain free!”

In the month of February 2013 I had injured my knee dancing. At first we had thought it was just a sore muscle and that it would heal. After a few days of ice and Traumeel nothing changed. We thought maybe LaserHealth Solutions would help. I went for 6 treatments and after the first 2 treatments I was able to walk up the stairs without pain. After the 6th treatment I was back to my regular dancing, pain free. A big thanks to LaserHealth Solutions.

– Celischa

“The pain and mobility has greatly improved.”

I came to LaserHealth Solutions last month and then received 10 laser treatments.The pain and mobility has greatly improved.I am recommending your services to my friends and family.The sciatica pain was debilitating and prevented me from working and walking. I am walking now and plan on returning to work in 2 weeks.

– Brian


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