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What to Expect at Laser Therapy

Patient have laser treatment

It is important that we determine your individual needs, allowing our team to create a treatment plan that will work best for you. Whether you are seeking our help for laser therapy only or a combination of chiropractic care and laser therapy, the process is the same.

We will take a thorough history and review any medical reports you’ve brought in. Then, we will start a comprehensive examination to determine the source of your problem and how many visits you will need.

Getting Started With Laser Therapy

Laser therapy involves a three-step process. LED pads are used that emit bright red light, followed by Infrared light. The last part involves the use of a laser wand, with safety glasses provided for your protection. You will not feel anything more than a warm sensation as the laser light penetrates deeply to promote healing at a cellular level. A laser session can take 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on the area we are treating. Occasionally we may need to use two machines, which would involve an extra charge.

Laser therapy has a cumulative effect, and we can adapt the treatment parameters to continue facilitating your healing as you progress.

Results for Chronic Conditions and Acute Injuries

We are focused on getting you the best outcomes as quickly as possible. With acute injuries, we generally see results in 5-6 visits due to the recent nature of the problem. Chronic injuries that have often been present for years can take longer to improve, sometimes 10-20 visits.

Invest in your health, starting today. Contact us today to discuss if laser therapy might be what your body needs to heal!

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