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Boost Core Stability and Reduce Back Pain

Visiting Panorama Chiropractic for regular chiropractic care can help you keep your core strong and stable.

Strengthening one’s core through sit-ups may result in coveted washboard abs or a flatter tummy.

While we all want to look lean and healthy, there’s another reason to pay attention to our core.

This extensive network of muscles protects and stabilizes the spine and pelvis. Core stabilization can assist with physical activities such as walking, running and lifting weights.

By increasing core stability you can make your trunk muscles stronger, which in turn ensures that your body and spine are in a stable position. Without core stability, your body would be pulled into the direction that you wanted to move. If you didn’t tip over (a strong possibility), the ligaments of your joints could become painfully strained.

Activate Those Abs

While athletes like bodybuilders place great emphasis on working out their core, it’s important for everyone to maintain a strong core. If core muscles aren’t developed or activated back pain may result. According to some studies, by activating the core stabilizers, particularly the transversus abdominis, individuals can prevent or reduce back pain. Not only is the transversus abdominis the deepest muscle layer in the abdomen, but it’s also the main stabilizer of the torso or trunk.

So whether we’re lifting weights, armfuls of groceries or our children, a strong, stable core can enable us to participate in chores and activities we enjoy.

Walk Taller

When your core muscles are strong, you also can achieve better posture and have a body that is centered. Not only does good posture enhance a person’s appearance and reflect confidence, but it also is essential for overall health. When you practice good posture when walking or sitting, you are helping to maintain proper alignment of bones and joints.

Visiting us for regular chiropractic care can help you keep your core strong and stable, decrease back pain and promote good posture. We can recommend and demonstrate the core-strengthening exercises that are best for you. Contact us today for an appointment!

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