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female chiropractor Do you suffer from poor posture? Maybe you find yourself constantly looking down at your phone or computer. Take that first step toward perfecting your posture with PostureScreen. With this tool, the doctors can assess your posture and provide personalized exercises to improve it.

Who Can Benefit?

Almost anyone with poor posture, scoliosis, back or neck problems, athletes, office workers, and students, who are constantly on their digital devices, can benefit from the PostureScreen program. The tool is especially useful for office workers who spend extended periods sitting in front of a computer, as it can lead to significant strain throughout the body, leading to postural problems.

How Does It Work?

This advanced software and hardware tool captures images of a person’s posture to assess where the landmarks are on them. Assessing precise posture measurements with the picture superimposed on a grid.

After the PostureScreen software analyzes the images, it provides a report detailing the patient’s posture deviations, such as anterior head carriage, pelvic tilt, or whether the patient’s feet are pronating.

“From that, when we do the postural and functional movement assessments using this technology, we can send this information to patients via email so that they can see where their issues are,” said Dr. Rob.

Correctional Exercises

The software also prescribes recommended correctional exercises the patient can do at home. We would select which ones we think are most relevant. These are mirror imaging exercises prescribed by the Chiropractic BioPhysics® technique to reverse the abnormal posture that we’re seeing in our patients.

Making Comparative Assessments

While PostureScreen uses outstanding screening technology, it’s also great for making comparative analysis assessments of patients during their care program.

Not only can patients visually see that they’re improving posture wise, but they’ll also notice fewer symptoms associated with their poor posture, and feel better.

Frequently Asked Changes

How long does the program take?

It depends on the severity and chronicity of a patient’s posture/injury issues. For someone with severe posture problems, a six-month program will likely be recommended. The ability to monitor progress with PostureScreen pictures truly personalizes a person’s ability to strive for optimal posture and movement.

Do you re-scan to see what changes have been made after the program?

Yes, after about a month, we will re-scan patients to see the changes made.

Can you analyze my workplace posture?

Yes, the PostureScreen Seated Desk Analysis mode provides an accurate and comprehensive analysis of seated posture by capturing postural images and analyzing sitting angles using computer vision technology. Then it helps make recommendations of what to do to improve the person’s workstation.

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