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Why Heart Rate Variability is Important

HRV, also known as heart rate variability, can help you better observe and manage your reaction to stress when it comes to sports performance, cardiology and even psychology practices.

How does it work?

Woman holding red heartHRV measures the amount of time between each heartbeat. After calculating your score, we can see how well you’re adapting to current stressors in life.

When a patient has a high HRV, it means they’re in better overall health. A low HRV can signal poor health with less adaptability.

Influences of HRV

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes—so it’s no surprise that your HRV has many variables, including:

  • Subluxations
  • Quality of posture
  • Alignment of spine

At our practice, we’re proud to offer HRV testing and alongside, effective spinal adjustments to help you achieve the best health possible.

If you’d like to have a better understanding of your health and how you can improve it, schedule your HRV testing with us this February. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice soon!

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February Giveaway

In addition, book a functional movement assessment before February 28th and receive 20% off. Call for details!

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